BenQ WiT Screenbar LED Task Lamp – Black


BenQ WiT Screenbar LED Task Lamp – Black – Dual Colour LED – Illuminance: 1000 Lux (Height 45cm) – Colour Temp: 2700 ~ 6500K – LED Panel Life Time: 50,000 Hours – Power Consumption: 5W Max. – Auto Dimming – Space Saving – Glare Free Design – Monitor Clip – USB Powered – Aluminum Alloy Construction – Hue Adjustable – 12 Months Limited Warranty

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· Auto dimming by built-in ambient light sensor
· Specially designed clip makes the attachment onto monitors
· Zero reflective glare off the screen

When working all day, Don’t abuse your eyes!

Research shows that we work on the computer for an average of 5.7 hours each day. Staring at the screen for so long causes eye irritation. To eliminate this discomfort, enough rest helps, but the key to relieve eye strain is sufficient lighting.


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